About MilitaryBeliever.com

MilitaryBeliever.com is a connection hub uniquely for military, churches, chaplains, and ministries.

MilitaryBeliever.com was established in 2011 as the collaborative effort of 7 founding ministries which came together for the purpose of creating an online tool to facilitate ministry connections more effectively for service members and their families wherever they live, train, and serve.

Today, many friends and partners share in this joint-forces initiative to love, serve, and care for military and military families as they travel the globe!

The MilitaryBeliever.com directory, social networking sites, and Help Desk are available for inquiring military to connect with military friendly churches, ministries, and chaplains in their current location or at their next duty station.

For associated churches and ministries, MilitaryBeliever.com was established to facilitate connections with military believers and mutually beneficial networking efforts with other ministry leaders in their respective communities and beyond.

MilitaryBeliever.com is a valuable reference and referral tool to assist relocating service members and their families. Please share this resource!

In the military and looking for a church or ministry connection in your next location? Use MilitaryBeliever.com.