Sign Up Your Church or Ministry (MB) is a valuable reference and referral tool to assist relocating service members and their families. List your church or ministry to facilitate connections with military believers and networking efforts with other ministry leaders in your community and beyond.  In order to be listed, churches and ministries must agree to the Statement of Faith and Terms of Service as posted.

Churches listed in MB sign up through Military Missions Network (MMN). In order to be listed, churches must meet stated criteria and agree with the Statement of Faith as posted. Upon approval by MMN, churches will be listed in the MB free directory. Learn how you can register your church. 

Military ministries which subscribe to the MB Statement of Faith and are registered as a 501(c)(3) organization or which are under the official umbrella of another nonprofit organization (church or ministry) can have their ministry listed. Other ministries or missions organizations which have a defined component of outreach and ministry to military as a part of their overall mission can also have their ministry listed in MB. Inquire about listing your ministry by providing information about the focus of your ministry and the location(s) you serve.

Chaplain endorsing agencies which subscribe to the MB Statement of Faith can also be listed on MB. Associated chaplains may also be listed and are approved through their respective endorser. Inquire about listing your ministry in the MB directory.

Churches, ministries, endorsing agencies and their chaplains listed on this site agree on the Statement of Faith as a unifying  understanding and basis for collaboration in gospel-centered military ministry.  MB has the right to deny inclusion of any church or ministry or to remove any such entity at any time and for any reason.  See the Terms of Service for more information.

There is no fee to list a church or ministry on MB, however, donations are needed for the growth, development and administration of the site and are always appreciated. Your support can make a difference in the lives of military singles and families!