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From Scripture and throughout church history there is evidence that the God of the Bible has been at work in the lives of soldiers and their families through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Reading through the New Testament we see soldiers being drawn to listen to the preaching of John the Baptist, perhaps because they happened to be on duty near that event or perhaps because they were simply drawn to listen and respond along with others (Luke 3:14).  In Acts 10, we find Cornelius, a Roman Centurion, initiating a Spirit-inspired meeting with the Apostle Peter and other Christians so that he and his family and friends could hear an explanation about Jesus.  Read the rest of the story!

We read in the Scriptures of first century accounts where God was at work in military communities such as Philippi, Corinth, Troas, Lystra, Derbe, Caesarea, and Rome.  In the same way, God is at work today in military communities such as Washington DC, Hampton Roads VA, and Colorado Springs CO – as well as in other military communities of many nations across the globe.  It’s no coincidence that God is at work in the lives of military and military communities! It’s not by chance that He uses military believers in and through His church, just as He did long ago through the life of Cornelius (Acts 10). 

If you are a military believer find your place in and through God’s church, wherever you live, train, and serve!  God is at work in all the domains of human life and culture and is bringing about His good purpose even in the midst of the darkest chaos and tragedy.  The cross of Christ proves so.

You are important in terms of the church’s call to minister to you and other military singles and families. You are significant when it comes to the potential contribution that you and other military believers can make in the life and ministry of the church in so many locations. Don’t let the fact that you have a transient lifestyle hinder you from being meaningfully engaged in faith and ministry.  Your presence and engagement is important.  Give your heart.  Don’t hold back just because it’s much easier to adopt an aloof way of life as a Christian serving in the military.  The church needs you!

If you are a military believer who is serious about your faith and making a difference, strategically connect with churches, ministries and other believers along each step of your journey. has been designed to facilitate the purpose of helping you make needed connections so that you might both give and receive in every location.  Find your place!

If you are in the military but don’t consider yourself to be a Christian, is a good place to start if you would like to explore the Christian faith or if you are just looking for needed support and friends. If you are transitioning from military service and are interested in short-term or vocational missions, use to find ministries offering opportunities for short-term or full-time missions' service that match your interests and skill set.

The HelpDesk is available if you or someone you know in the military needs help with ministry contacts in a certain location.  The HelpDesk is a collaborative effort among like-minded parties working together to provide ministry connections for military and military families worldwide.